How can you return to your work routine after undergoing cancer treatment?

How can you return to your work routine after undergoing cancer treatment

How can you return to your work routine after undergoing cancer treatment?

July 28, 2020



In case you are prepared to resume your work, make sure to inform your doctor and let your boss know about your plans. Make sure to consult the best oncologist at the cancer hospital in Ludhiana. If you are medically fit then only the doctor advises you to get back to work regime.


Scheduling the work

Survivors can talk to the employees and let them know that you are planning to get back to work. You need to discuss the job role, flexible timings, extra breaks, availability, job sharing, time off for hospital appointments, etc which can help you deal with the daily changes. This is important because cancer patients need time and effort to get back to the work regime.

The employer is requested to restructure the job profile and give permission to work from home, refresh courses, returning survivors, and adjusting to the workplace.


How to deal with discrimination at the job?

Workers and support staff may face discrimination and this can impact the cancer survivor in the workplace. This hurts the cancer survivor’s sentiments. It is important that you speak about the incidents to professionals and how you can handle the discrimination at the workplace. Additionally, the initiative can be taken for work evaluations. In the future, if a problem arises then specific actions can be taken to evaluate the entire situation correctly.


Managing equality at the workplace

Survivors are entitled to equal opportunities and their balanced performance is evaluated at the professional workplace. Individuals need to discover and engage with relevant laws and expert advice is needed to safeguard their rights and entitlements.

Cancer survivors should aim to fulfill their responsibilities at the workplace and take away all the duties which are needed for their position. Additionally, they need to be aware of their rights and if there is any unfair challenge then it needs to be addressed right away.


Dealing with stress

Stress is a common part of the workplace and it is essential to cope up with it. The returning employee needs to fulfill all the efforts and then everything should get re-adjusted. All these things can be managed by taking permission like working for a few hours, taking breaks from work, taking medications, having a small group at the workplace, and opting for comfortable chairs. It is important to deal with anxiety and follow breathing regime and reschedule a working pattern. This way recovery gets faster and the patient can manage the entire situation correctly.


Maintain a positive attitude

If you are open-minded and have positive thinking then it can help you a lot. You should accept help from co-workers in getting effective solutions for work. This way your physical and mental health can make a lot of difference and it contributes to your overall well-being.