What is breast cancer & its symptoms and why is early detection important?


What is breast cancer & its symptoms and why is early detection important?

January 18, 2021


Breast cancer Treatment cost in India

Breast cancer Treatment cost in India, As we know, many kinds of cancers are prevalent to date. Breast cancer can be counted among the deadliest cancers ever. According to research, with a span of every 240 sec (4 minutes), a woman is found diagnosed with this deadly species of cancer. The cancer treatment cost in India of breast cancer varies from hospital to hospital and from doctor to doctor. Let us study this cancer in detail.


  • Why is the early detection of breast cancer important?


We have been educated with a good thought that advised us to nip the evil in the bud. This is why early detection of breast cancer is important. If it is not diagnosed at an early stage, then the chances of aggravation of cancer arise.


For example: If the cancer is detected in the first stage, we could prevent its stretch to the next stage. But if it is diagnosed at the last stage, it will be almost impossible to rescue the patient from that disease. So we will discuss some of the very predominant symptoms and traits of this cancer which are not to be avoided at any cost.


  • What to look forward to?


Following are some of the very general instructions which every woman should follow:


  • First of all, each woman should be aware of how an ideal breast should look. They should know:


  • What should be the maximum and minimum size?
  • What should be the average size of nipples?


In case a female encounters any of the abnormalities regarding the breasts, do not take it lightly. Consult your doctor at your earliest. Make sure you are consulting with the specialist.


  • It is advised to every woman who has a long medical history of abnormal physical conditions, that after crossing the forty years of age go for breast cancer screening. Once in a while, it takes place that many women do not go to screening owing to the shyness of being naked while screening. If this is your concern, consult the female doctor.


  • If possible then share with your family doctor the medical history and determine if you are at risk of getting afflicted with this cancer.


  • How to do self-examination?


Subsequent are the important points to do a self-examination of breast cancer:


  • If you feel that there is a lump inside your breast, it is an indication that you should go for a check-up.


  • If you encounter the perpetual discharge from the nipple and pain while releasing, so consult your doctor.


  • In the extreme cases of breast cancer, skin color, or sometimes even skin of the breasts changes.