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Best Cancer Hospital In Ludhiana, Punjab

Dr. Amit Kumar Dhiman: Best Oncology Doctor in Ludhiana, Punjab

At our Cancer Hospital, the entire team is continuously involved in the research program and to understand the latest technology. This is what makes us the top oncology hospitals in India. Our cancer centre will get the best cancer treatment for each type of cancer. To be among the top cancer hospitals it is our prime duty to build a strong relationship with the patient and to make them well-aware of the treatment.

Our hospital team accepts no compromises and makes sure the factor of trust is always there in a doctor-patient relationship. This has enabled us to maximize the output and treat the patient to the best of the abilities.

Why Choose us

Online cancer consult started with the aim of a one-stop destination for all cancer patients.
We feature the latest technology to diagnose and treat cancer in patients with a high success rate.

Top World-Class Cancer Hospital

Top World-Class Cancer Hospital

Online Cancer Consult is one of the best cancer hospitals in India with a team of dedicated and well-known oncology doctor.

Specialized Cancer Treatment

Specialized Cancer Treatment

At our hospital, the patient is given a comprehensive treatment course with the latest technology and facilities.

Best Cancer Screening Programme

Best Cancer Screening Programme

The measurable success and continuous research by the entire team have attracted thousands of patients nationally and internationally.

Meet Our Doctor

With an Objective to convert our Cancer Hospital to a centre of excellence and focus on the approach of “Patient First”. Our team of well-experienced specialists and trained staff is going to offer you everything you need. DR Amit Kumar Dhiman has experience of around 10 years and focused on giving the most effective cancer treatment.

The entire team is experienced and dedicated which makes us the best. Our experts are always involved in the research and technological innovations going into the world. There are different types of cancer, so we have a group of specialists which include the surgical oncologist, radiation oncologist, medical oncologist, radiologists, pathologists, and physiologists. The entire team will discuss the complex cases to make sure the best course of treatment is selected for the patient.

Our hallmark will always be high-quality standards, patient safety, and satisfaction, adding quality of life, and working on the cure rates. Keeping in mind the factor of medical, physical, emotional, and financial need our hospital will always serve the patient with compassion, devotion, love, commitment, and positive approach. Transparency & Honesty along with our perspective towards the treatment have helped us to treat patients all over the world.


MBBS, MD (Internal medicine), DNB (Medical and Haemato oncology), ECMO (European Society for Medical Oncology, Sweden) PDCR



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Cancer Treatment – FAQs

Well, there are various myths that revolve around cancer treatment. Here are some of the frequently asked questions answered by the expert doctor of world best cancer treatment hospital which always comes to the mind of the people.

Well, there are different types of cancer and they can be cured. According to the cancer type, stage, and symptoms the treatment is given to the patient. If treatment is started at the right time the cancer is curable.
Well, there are around 400 treatment options to treat cancer. But, very few of them are rated ‘Stage 4’ treatment. Also, survival chances are based on how the treatment started.
There are different treatment options like radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and surgery. These treatments often leave side effects like pain, nausea, and fatigue. With the proper medication, the patient will be able to deal with these side effects easily.
For the cancer patient, eating right is very important. You need to eat healthy so that you can fight the disease and go through the treatment with ease. Many people lose weight while undergoing cancer treatment. Some people start taking steroids to put on weight. If you want to put on weight then you should talk to the doctor or your dietician to get the right diet plan.
Deciding to stop the cancer treatment does not mean you need to stop them altogether. It is important that you manage the symptoms because a patient's comfort is very important.
Well, there are different side effects of chemotherapy. When you talk to your health care team they will let you know how you need to treat or prevent them. The main part of cancer treatment is preventing and treating the side effects.




Oncology Introduction

Oncology means a branch of science that research, identifies, and treats tumors & cancers. A doctor who works in this field is known as an oncologist. Oncologist first diagnoses cancer which is done via endoscopy, CT Scanning. X-ray, PET scanning, ultrasound, or biopsy. Treatment After the Diagnosis, the doctor will discuss the stage with the patient which helps in knowing about the cancer treatment. Chemotherapy is used for cancer cell destruction and surgery for removing the tumors. The treatment team will include a diagnostic radiologist, pathologist, or oncology nurse. If the case is new or difficult to treat then the team will seek medical advice from the tumor board. They will review the case and give the best treatment plan.

Cancer treatment

Cancer treatment is the use of medications, surgery, radiation, and other therapies to cure cancer. The oncology specialist will plan the treatment according to the cancer type the patient is facing. What is the need for cancer treatment?
The main aim of cancer treatment is to cure cancer so that the patient can live a normal life. In case it is not curable then treatment will help to slow the cancer growth or shrink the cancer cells so that the patient can live for a long time. The treatment is used as Primary treatment, adjuvant treatment, and palliative treatment. Together you and your doctor will determine the advantages and potential risks to give the best treatment plan.