What is preventive oncology to take a stand against cancer risks?

What is preventive oncology to take a stand against cancer risks

What is preventive oncology to take a stand against cancer risks?

August 14, 2020



Cancer problems are considered scary for many people. This can result in anxiety and hopelessness about how the problem will be solved. You must get in touch with the best team of oncologists at the cancer hospital in Ludhiana to get a better understanding of the treatment. Getting the problem diagnosed early will help to control the symptoms effectively and doctors will also suggest preventive measures against cancer.

What is meant by preventive oncology?

Preventive oncology is the measure that is taken to stop the progression or development of the malignant process. The cancer-preventive concepts are coming under preventive oncology and they are evolving a lot. Living a healthy and simple lifestyle can make a lot of difference in your health.

  • Quit smoking

You should not do smoking or use any kind of tobacco because it can affect your health adversely. If you smoke or chew tobacco it increases the cancer risk of lungs, mouth, and colon.

Additionally, the chemicals present in it can also lead to harmful impacts and even damage the DNA. The DNA is needed to control the normal growth and cell functioning. Even secondhand smoke can lead to a negative impact. If you are not able to quit smoking then consult the doctor and he will suggest preventive measures against cancer.

  • Maintain a healthy weight

Several studies have been done to understand the impact of being overweight or obese. It is true that if the person is overweight he or she is at increased risk of getting diagnosed with lungs, kidney, breast, colon, or prostate cancer. Make sure to keep a check on your weight.

  • Avoid risky behavior

It is extremely important to keep a check on what you do daily. For example, You need to limit the sex partners and adopt precautions while having intercourse. HPV is a contagious disease that can increase the risk of cancer type and it can easily spread through the skin to skin contact with the vaginal, colon, or anal sex.

Additional Tips

  • Opt for food sourced from plants like beans and whole grains.
  • Avoid the use of processed vegetable oils.
  • Include saturated fat from nuts, fish, avocados, etc.
  • Limit the intake of processed meat.
  • Increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Vaccinations can prove effective

There are certain cancer types like liver cancer and cervical cancer which occur due to viruses. Vaccines like hepatitis B and HPV are given to people to protect their bodies from viruses. Preventive vaccinations are needed so that the virus does not attack the body. If you want to know more about the vaccination, then you must get in touch with our oncologist and get a better understanding of what steps you need to take for cancer prevention.