What is bone cancer and which is the advanced treatment for bone cancer?

treatment for bone cancer

What is bone cancer and which is the advanced treatment for bone cancer?

October 13, 2020


What is Bone cancer?

Bone Cancer Treatment in Ludhiana, Punjab: Bone cancer is a rare condition that arises from the cells around or within the bone. With cancer type, the cell arises de novo that is the first occurrence in the body, and they start to increase aggressively till the time the entire bone is destroyed. The cancer cells are spread in the entire body due to blood circulation, and it affects the different organs in the body like tissues or bones. The tumor grows in large sizes and affects body functioning, or it can even lead to death. Fortunately, the cancer treatment in India has advanced which helps the patient to live a better life and reduce the cancer symptoms. Also, the cost of cancer treatment cost in India is affordable.

What are the types of bone cancer?

Depending on the origin of the cell, bone cancer needs to be categorized in different types. Some of the common bone cancer types are mentioned below”

  • Osteosarcoma

With this type of bone cancer, the bones lead to cell production and because of the cells involved in this, it is referred to as Osteogenic carcinoma.

  • Ewing’s Sarcoma

This type of tumor arises in the legs, arms, or the pelvis.

Both these types of bone cancer are common in children between the age of 5 and 20 years. In adult and old age, Chondrosarcoma and Multiple Myeloma cancer are common. The secondary bone cancers arise in the body parts like lungs, thyroid, bread and they can even spread to the bone.

What are the symptoms of bone cancer?

The symptoms can vary with every patient and some of the most common signs with bone cancer are mentioned below:

  • Persistent bone pain that cannot get reduced by resting or by pain medication
  • Progressive swelling and tenderness near the part that is affected by cancer
  • Unintended and unexpected weight loss
  • Weakened bones that may even lead to a fracture
  • Fatigue

Tumors that occur from the spine can result in weakness in the foot, hand, or it can even make the person paralyzed.

How is bone cancer diagnosed?

A bone cancer diagnosis takes time and many times the patient delay to get the diagnosis. This disease is rare and this is the reason many people are not even aware of it. No doubt, early detection is important for bone cancer management and it becomes essential to consult the doctor on time.

What is bone cancer treatment?

Many advancements have been made in cancer management. The diagnosis is easier because of the MRI and PET scans. The limb salvage procedures are beneficial for the pelvic cancers, lower limb, and upper limb.

The different reconstruction techniques are included like Vascularized Fibula, Rotationplasty, Allo Bone Graft, and Mega Prosthetic Replacement. Additionally, there are special implants that make everything much easier.