Everything you need to know about the condition of thyroid cancer

thyroid cancer Symptoms

Everything you need to know about the condition of thyroid cancer

October 31, 2020


The thyroid is shaped like a small butterfly and found in the lower front of the neck. This gland helps to control metabolism. Additionally, it releases hormones from the body which perform many functions in the body like, the production of heat, the use of energy, and how the oxygen is consumed.

Thyroid cancer develops when the cell mutates or changes. The growth of abnormal cells is going to multiply and once it has become huge, it is going to multiply itself. Getting cancer caught in the early stage means it is in the most treatable form. Fortunately, the cancer treatment cost in India is affordable as compared to any other country.


What are the types of thyroid cancer?

Papillary thyroid cancer

You might have this type and around 80% of people are diagnosed with this cancer type. The growth of this cancer is slow but it can spread to the neck lymph nodes. But, chances of recovery are the highest.


Follicular thyroid

This makes around 10% to 15% of thyroid cancer. It can spread to the lymph nodes and even to the blood vessels.


Medullary cancer

This cancer type is found in 4% of cases and it is found at the early stage because it results in hormone production which is known as calcitonin.


Anaplastic thyroid cancer

It is the most severe type because it easily spreads to the other body parts. This condition is rare and treatment is difficult.


​​​​​​What Are the Symptoms?

In the early stages, you might not see symptoms of thyroid cancer. In the beginning, the occurrence of symptoms is extremely less. But as it gets to the next stage you will be able to see symptoms like:

  • Neck, throat pain
  • Vocal changes, hoarseness
  • Cough
  • Lump in your neck
  • Difficulty swallowing


What are the causes of thyroid cancer?

Well, the exact reason for thyroid cancer is not clear. There are certain reasons which increase the chances of getting this cancer. Certain cancer types can occur because of the DNA of the parents. The medullary thyroid cancer is because of the abnormal gene you have inherited. Getting exposed to the radiation on the neck or head can increase the chances.


Who is at increased risk?

Thyroid cancer is common in women. Women get cancer in their 40s and 50s while men are at increased risk in their 60s and 70s. However, younger people can also get cancer. Many people have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the age of 30 to 50.


Is the condition treatable?

Thyroid cancer is treatable even if you are at the advanced stage of it. All the patients can live a better life because of the effective cancer treatment they can get from the oncologist. This helps to increase the chances of recovery. In some cases, surgery is needed to help the person live a proper life.