Everything you need to know about cancer treatment costs in India

Everything you need to know about cancer treatment costs in India

Everything you need to know about cancer treatment costs in India

September 28, 2020


Cancer care in India

In the last few years, cancer patients have risen in India, and it is expected that it is going to rise in the future. Back in 2018, 7,00,000 deaths were reported because of cancer in India. These growing cases have led to concern among the oncologists and what they can do to improve the patient’s condition. The health experts are focusing on finding the treatment which addresses the health issue correctly.

Fortunately, with the improvement in medical science, it has helped the patients to live a better and quality life with the . Consulting the best oncologist will help you find the most appropriate cancer treatment in India that makes your condition better. Many patients often worry about the cost factor and what they can do to manage the entire situation appropriately.

Overall cancer care expenses

One of the surveys was done on around 1200 cancer patients that were at different stages of cancer, or they have suspected symptoms. Most of the patients had inpatient care or outpatient care, or maybe both in just one year.

  • On the national level, the cancer care cost averagely is Rs 1,16,218. The total cost for cancer care in hospitals is around 1,41,774, and in public hospitals, it is around Rs 72,000. Keep in mind, these are just figures, and your cancer doctor can guide you better on what you need to do and how much is the treatment cost to address your situation.
  • The cost of the treatment state-wise is also different. You should look for an experienced cancer doctor who has an understanding of all the methods and techniques for giving the patient’s best cancer care.


Share of medical and non-medical expenses

  • While getting cancer treatment, another important aspect is the medical and non-medical expenses. Around 90% of the total cancer care expenses are regarding the medical care that includes the doctor’s consultation fee, diagnostic test, medications, bed charges, and any type of medical service given to them. It can include oxygen supplementation and blood transfusions. The doctor will tell you which type of cancer treatment you need to get like radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or any other treatment.
  • The 10% is the non-medical expenses that include food, transportation method, food cost, and transport cost for any other person who is accompanying you.


Out-of-pocket expenditure on cancer care

Out-of-pocket expenditure is the most worrisome for individuals. These are referred to as the direct payments made to the health service when they are using the service.


Consult the best cancer care doctor

Most importantly, you need to find the oncologist who offers you with the latest treatment plan. The treatment he provides should reduce the severity of the symptoms, or it should control them.