Everything about the comprehensive oncology care for Cancer Treatment

Cancer Treatment India

Everything about the comprehensive oncology care for Cancer Treatment

September 15, 2020


Cancer care is the need of the hour

Comprehensive oncology care for Cancer Treatment in India: Cancer has been prevalent for a long time and its occurrence has been on the rise. According to stats, it is the second leading cause of death globally. Fortunately, we have come to an age, where medical science and technology have come closer to cure.

We need to make sure to get cancer care right away. Consulting the best oncologist at the cancer hospital in Ludhiana can help you get a better treatment approach and you get to live a quality life. The treatment focuses on giving the patient improved overall health.


Which treatment aims at the removal or reduction of the tumor?

Cancer is the problem of unhealthy cells that affect healthy body cells. To remove the cancer cells from the body treatment options include radiotherapy, surgery, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and immunotherapy.

These therapies are given to the patient for all cancer types and stages which provides them a better chance for recovery. Adjuvant and neoadjuvant comprehensive cancer treatment reduces complications and even renders inoperable tumors. The patient needs to get a follow-up checkup.


Which treatment aims at symptom relief?

  • Though an integral part of cancer treatment, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are known to cause injury to the normal cells which are along with cancer cells. These can result in different side effects like nausea, hair loss, vomiting, skin ailments, and fatigue.
  • During the cancer treatment, there are palliative measures included to make the patient comfortable. To reduce the effect of cancer symptoms, pain and palliation are important. This makes it easier for the patient to cope with radiation after-effects, chemotherapeutic, and radiation side-effects.


Which treatment aims at cancer care?

  • Radiotherapy, aggressive surgery, and chemotherapy focus on increasing patient survival but it affects the quality of life greatly. The patient suffers from a mood disorder because of the treatment.
  • The treatment can even lead to distress which arises due to social, physical, emotional, functional, and financial burdens. Patients must be given the utmost care to handle the entire situation.
  • Therapeutic and relaxation techniques can help the patient to respond to the treatment in a better way and it even improves their health.
  • The patient needs to have a balanced diet as it boosts their immunity, and the body can fight with cancer cells. You need to have an intake of the right amount of nutrients to maintain body weight and increase strength.
  • A support system is important as it helps the patient to cope with a cancer diagnosis, and they can deal with treatment aftercare. They feel comfortable to share their feelings and the struggles they have because of cancer treatment.

It paves the way to more mediums through which patients can reach a path to cure, and they can heal completely.