What travel instructions do you need to follow to receive cancer treatment?

What travel instructions do you need to follow to receive cancer treatment

What travel instructions do you need to follow to receive cancer treatment?

June 25, 2020


Many people diagnosed with cancer plan to travel long distances to get treatment. Health care providers are spread across multiple cities in offices and hospitals, and the cancer specialists might be a few hours away. It might be possible, you are living in a rural area where medical health care facilities are not up to the mark so you need to travel to get the treatment.

Travelling can be stressful during cancer treatment, regardless it is drive or flight across the country. Seeking treatment from the best Cancer Hospital in Ludhiana can be made easier by consulting your doctor about the best travel plan.

Get proper benefit from available resources

  • If you need to travel to get cancer treatment, you should not know that you have options to make everything easy. The travel cost may be high, especially when you are travelling a long distance and away from home for a long time.
  • If you need to travel to get the best care, then, first of all, ask the hospital or insurance company if you have access to a nurse navigator or other staff member who plans to help you and provide inadequate information on support resources and finance.
  • Before the treatment, check where you will be staying and how you can reach there. Talk to the medical center regarding travel support and housing options that may give lower-cost options that fit your travel plan.
  • Get to know about the national programs for housing. Your doctor is the right person to learn about every small detail which can make your entire stay easy and stress-free.


Plan your entire journey

  • Before you leave, you need to plan the entire journey from weather conditions to having a backup plan if something goes wrong. If you are travelling by car, train, or bus for a long distance, then you will end up having a lot of specialists on your way whom you can reach out to if you need help. If you are driving then look for the stops for fuel, meals, and bathroom breaks.
  • You need to be prepared for the delayed flights or getting stuck in a different city. In that case, it is best to have all the medical essentials and medical equipment with you. Make sure to inform your loved ones and in the office about the treatment destination as well as your travel plans.


Give priority to comfort

You need to travel under normal circumstances that means everything should be comfortable both mentally and physically. If you are going to be away from home for a long time, then research the lodging services and check whether they provide the necessities or not. Give priority to comfort so bring comfortable clothes, bring your favourite book, try to meditate, and carry all your medications with you.

Make sure to follow all the precautions, keeping in mind the current situation of COVID-19. If you have any doubt then talk to the doctor right away.