What Role does T-Cells play in Cancer?

What Role does T-Cells play in Cancer

What Role does T-Cells play in Cancer?

April 10, 2020


T-cells are the subtype of the white blood cells which plays a vital role in managing the immunity system. When a person is diagnosed with cancer the T-cells play an important role in fighting and killing the cancer cells. In this topic, we have mentioned the role of T-cells for cancer.

What are T-cells?

T-cells are white blood cell subtypes which play an important role in the immune system and fight against cancer. The white blood cells are 2 types which include:

  • Lymphocytes
  • Granulocytes

The lymphocytes are divided into further different parts which includes:

  • T-cells
  • NK cells
  • B cells.

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Types of Immunity

Our body has 2 different types of immunity which includes:


  • Cell-mediated immunity


Cell-mediated immunity contains the T-cells which are for directly killing the bacteria, cancer cells, and viruses.


  • Humoral immunity


The humoral immune protects the body from foreign invaders with the help of antibodies.

Types of T-cells


  • Cytotoxic T-cells


Cytotoxic T-cells search and attack foreigners invaders such as viruses, bacteria, and harmful cancer cells.


  • Memory T-cells


Memory T-cells mark the bacteria, virus, or cancer cells surface which they have not seen earlier.


  • Regulatory T-cells


Regulatory T-cells suppress the immune system so that it doesn’t overreact. But, it is still not known how these cells interact with each other.


  • Helper T-cells


Helper T-cells recruit other cells and work as an immune response to boost immunity.


  • Natural killer T-cells


Natural killer T-cells (NKT) have some similarities to the natural killer cells. NKT cells need to be activated so that they can work. The cell responds to the tumor cells presence and takes part in anti-tumor immune responses.

How are the T-cells produced, stored, and available?

The T-cells are produced in the bone marrow and after that, they spend time to get mature and develop on the thymus. The reason it is known as T-cells is that it is derived from thymus-derived cells. Once, they get matured they are present in lymph nodes and blood.

The function of T-cell in cancer

T-cell plays a major role in fighting against cancer. The T-cells work in direct as well as indirect ways to fight with cancer. The killer cells will kill the cancer cells directly as they first find them and stimulate them to kill the cancer cells.

The helper T-cells fight with cancer indirectly as it first organizes and then fights against them.


The latest emerging therapy includes the use of T-cells so that they can organize and kill the cancer cells. This therapy has shown promising results in treating lymphoma.