What is cancer? What are the topmost facts you need to know about Cancer?

What is cancer What are the topmost facts you need to know about Cancer

What is cancer? What are the topmost facts you need to know about Cancer?

February 25, 2021


What is cancer?

Cancer is a collaborative term used for several diseases. In this condition, the abnormal cells start uncontrollably dividing themselves and affect the healthy tissues. Cancer cells can spread to other body parts through the lumps system and blood.

One of the medical terms is used in cancer i.e. ‘Metastasis’. Once the cancer cells move from their origin to other body parts through the lymph system & bloodstream it is known as metastasis.


Cancer treatment cost

Cancer Treatment cost in India is fairly less as compared to other countries like US, Canada, and Australia. The average cancer cost in India is Rs 5 lakh which is $6,902.70. On the other hand, in the US the average cost is $150,00 which is 10,919,004.75 in rupees.

This is the clear reason why people prefer to get cancer treatment in India. You simply need an Indian passport and travel to a specific place in India & undergo the treatment with ease under the supervision of an esteemed team of oncologists.

Cancer is not contagious

Many people think that cancer is contagious, which is not true. It is a combination of environmental and hereditary factors.

Cancer types

You might not believe it but there are more than 100 cancer types in existence. The name of the cancer is given depending on where they originated from or the type of cell.

Do you know?

Each year in India, cancer diagnoses are estimated in around 100 out of 1,00,000 individuals. The actual incidence rate may be slightly higher given inadequate screening or under-reporting. This is the reason, raising cancer awareness has become important.

How is Cancer originated?

‘CELLS’ This is where cancer begins from which is the most vital part of the human body. In total there are 100 trillion cells. The basic functioning of a cell is to help the body to grow, divide, and produce new cells which the body needs. Its normal functioning includes:

  • Cells get damaged or old
  • Following that, they will cells
  • New cells will replace them

However, this process is impacted when the cells start to divide and it uncontrollably replicates them.

Types of tumor

  • No cancerous
  • Not life-threatening
  • Do not spread to other body parts
  • Regrowth is atypical
  • Cancerous
  • Affect the nearby healthy tissues
  • Spread to other body parts

Prevalent cancer types in India

Type Originates in
Cervical cancer Cervix
Breast cancer Breast tissues
Ovarian cancer Ovaries
Esophageal cancer Esophagus (Muscular tube used to move substances)
Lymphoma and Myeloma Immune system cells
Oral cancer Oral or lip cavity
Lung cancer The tissue in the lungs
Central nervous system cancer Brain and spinal cord tissue
Leukemia Blood forming tissues

Cancer treatment

In recent time, cancer treatments have seen a wave of invention which have significantly improved the way cancer patients are treated.  Common types of treatment for cancer include

  • Chemotherapy
  • Surgery
  • Radiation Therapy