What does Oncology mean?

What does Oncology mean

What does Oncology mean?

February 6, 2020


Oncology is the branch of medicine that treats and prevents cancer disease. The professional personnel who is practicing oncology is known as an oncologist. The main task of Oncologists is to examine cancer which is taken out by using a biopsy, endoscopy, X-rays, CT scans, PET scans, ultrasound and MRI. This nuclear medicine is often used to diagnose cancer by blood tests and tumor markers. The term oncology is often associated with haematology which prevents blood-related disorders.


After a diagnosis plan is made, the specialist doctor describes the actual stage of a disease with the patient. Staging will go through with the cancer treatment. In the next step, the patient has gone through chemotherapy which is a powerful method to destroy the cancer cells. After that, surgery is used for the removal of tumors. Moreover, Hormone therapy is used to tackle several types of cancers. Along with that, Monoclonal antibody treatments are used widely. 

Cancer Treatment Team

The treatment of cancer disease is treated in a team consisting of two to three types of oncologists including medical and radiation. Patients can also seek help from oncology specialist to get better treatment for their disease.

Following members are included in the treatment team:

  • A pathologies
  • A diagnostic radiologist.
  • An oncology nurse

In some difficult cases, the oncology care team may concern with the tumor board which is made up of several certified medical experts from different disciplines. After the conversation, the tumor board re-evaluate the case and give the best course for the cancer patient.

Pediatric Oncology

It is the medical speciality that primarily focuses on cancer care for children. It is also a medical field that deals with different types of cancers including leukemia.