What do you mean by Chemotherapy?

What do you mean by Chemotherapy

What do you mean by Chemotherapy?

February 6, 2020


The term ‘Chemotherapy’ is an aggressive chemical drug or medicine that is especially used to remove or eliminate unnecessary growing cells in the body. Typically, this therapy is used for treating worse diseases like cancer. In the body of a patient, cancer cells grow fastly and mixed with other cells of the body. Cancer specialists are called Oncologists.

Chemotherapy therapy depends on the following factors:

  • The overall health of a patient
  • The stage and type of cancer
  • Recent cancer therapies a patient had
  • The location of the cancer cells
  • Personal treatment preference of a patient.

Chemotherapy treatment can attack directly on the growing cancer cells which means it can cause serious side effects on a human body.

What are the key Uses of Chemotherapy?

  • It is primarily used to lower the level of cancer cells present in the body
  • Reduce cancer spreading
  • Reduce the overall size of a tumor
  • Eliminate current symptoms

What are the side effects of Chemotherapy?

This treatment is specially introduced to destroy cancer cells that divide rapidly. Cells of the following areas can be affected badly:

  • Blood
  • Hair
  • Skin

Side effects may include:

  1. Bleeding in an excessive amount
  2. Dry mouth
  3. Fatigue
  4. Mouth sores
  5. High fever
  6. Hair fall
  7. Appetite loss
  8. Vomiting
  9. Nausea
  10. Memory issues
  11. Sexual changes

The procedure of Chemotherapy.

This treatment is done in a pill form or injected directly into the veins by injection. The second form is the IV.

The working procedure of Chemotherapy includes the following steps:

  • This treatment can be injected directly into the tumor depending on the size of it. In this case, the doctor injects slow dissolving discs that can effectively medications over time.
  • Chemotherapy creams are used to treat skin cancer problems.
  • The therapy is delivered successfully to the targeted area of the body via localized treatment like directly into the chest, abdomen.