What are the most effective and improved cancer screening tests in India?

What are the most effective and improved cancer screening tests in India?

What are the most effective and improved cancer screening tests in India?

April 9, 2021


Cancer Screening Tests
We all have heard that cancer screening should be done on time, as early detection helps to improve your condition. This way the problem is diagnosed before it causes symptoms and treatment will result in increased success. It is important to understand that timely screening will do more good than harm. Also, the cancer treatment cost in India varies from state to state. Although, the lowest overall cost of cancer treatment is expected to be Rs 74,699/-. Let’s discuss the cancer screening tests in India through which you can be benefited.

• Colonoscopy, Stool test, and sigmoidoscopy
Different tests have proved beneficial in reducing the risk of colorectal cancer-related death. Through these tests, it even helps to reduce the occurrence of cancer. Mainly, it helps to notice the abnormal colon growth and it is removed before it reaches the cancer stage.
Ideal age for screening- Between the age of 50 & 75

• Low dose helical computed tomography
This test helps to look for lung cancer symptoms. Through this screening, the chances of lung cancer death are reduced especially for those who smoke in excess.
Ideal age for screening – Between 55 to 74

• Mammography
Through mammography, the possible signs and symptoms of breast cancer are checked. The test has proved highly beneficial to reduce death occurrence in women between the age of 40 to 74.
Ideal age for screening – Age 45 to 54 should get it once every year
Age 55 – Every 1 to 2 years

• Pap Test and HPV testing
Both these tests can be conducted alone or together. It helps to look for the early signs & symptoms of cervical cancer. Its chances are reduced because it looks for abnormal cells and provides the necessary treatment for the same. Getting the screening on time will reduce the occurrence of cervical cancer.
Ideal age for screening – Age 21 to 65

• Alpha-fetoprotein blood test
This test is used in combination with liver ultrasound to look for the signs & symptoms of liver cancer.

• CA-125 test
The CA-125 test is used in combination with transvaginal ultrasound which helps to look for ovarian cancer in women who are at increased risk of this disease. The test helps to analyze if the possible symptoms are ovarian cancer or not.

• Breast MRI
It is an imaging test that helps in carrying a harmful mutation in the BRCA2 gene or BRCA1 gene. Through these, it helps to understand the reason which increases the cancer risk.

• Regular and clinical breast examination
It is important to get a routine examination of the breast from the health care expert. Different studies have shown that it reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Consult the best oncologist
You should consult the best oncologist to make an informed decision and get the best cancer treatment plan. The oncologist will suggest to you which diagnosing test you need to get done so that your chances of getting cancer are reduced. For more information, book your initial consultation with us.