What are the expert insights on the breast cancer signs and treatment?

What are the expert insights on the breast cancer signs and treatment?

What are the expert insights on the breast cancer signs and treatment?

February 17, 2021


Consulting the oncologist on time will help you to fight against breast cancer. The oncologist will do proper screening and suggest you the breast cancer treatment plan. Also, the cancer treatment cost in India is highly affordable as compared to other nations. In this blog, we are going to talk you through the expert insight on breast cancer signs and treatment.

Do you know?

Studies have shown that the most common cancers are breast cancer and skin cancer. At least once in her life 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer. Such high statistics show that women need to get breast cancer screening and treatment on time.

Early detection improves the quality of life

With any cancer type, early detection is the key to a better life. Make that you do self-screening and pay close attention to any changes you notice in your physical appearance. The most important part is to get a mammogram.

Scheduling the mammogram

During the evaluation, the woman’s breast cancer is looked for any signs & symptoms. Catching the symptoms at an early stage will help the women to respond to treatment. Early detection has saved many lives.

What signs determine that you need a mammogram without any delay?

If you notice any of the following situations, you are at higher risk, and make sure you get the breast cancer screening right away. Make sure that you get it annually. Some of the signs you need to initiate on time.

You already have the issue of genetic defects.

You have undergone biopsy due to a specific reason,

Biopsies show that you have a structural abnormality.

The first-degree relative was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Improved cancer care through bespoke treatment

A breast cancer treatment plan is as unique as the individual getting the treatment. No two people will be getting the same treatment. While getting the treatment make sure that you have a trustworthy and able team to give you the best cancer care.

With time the treatment plan has improved which helps the patient to be a great comfort and it improves their quality of life. The patient gets neoadjuvant chemotherapy. The treatment allows the tumor to shrink, perform the lumpectomy.

No 2 persons will get the same treatment

It is important to keep in mind that no 2 people will be getting the same type of treatment. It is possible that if you get the same treatment as others you are likely going to notice the side effects. Every person’s body is different so consult the doctor and understand better what is beneficial for your health.

Managing the treatment side effects

Primary treatment options are chemotherapy, targeted therapy, radiation therapy, and anti-hormone therapy. The doctor will focus on managing the symptoms, let you know what needs to be avoided, and how to heal from the surgery. Several steps will be taken to help you recover from the treatment and downtime should be less.

Important tips

Make sure that you keep your body weight normal

Exercise on a daily basis

Avoid excess intake of alcohol

Avoid smoking

Do not take hormonal replacement therapy