What are the different types of cancer treatments available in India?

Types of cancer treatment in India

What are the different types of cancer treatments available in India?

May 30, 2020


Do not take tension, if you are suffering from cancer, because there are several treatment options available in the market to treat cancer. To get treatment, you need to visit the cancer hospital in Ludhiana, because only after proper diagnosis, you can undergo the treatment.

Let’s have a look at different types of cancer treatment.

Treatment options depend on the location, condition, and stage of cancer that you or your loved one are experiencing. 

Cancer Treatment in India

India today, as compared to other developing countries, has one of Cancer ‘s highest incidence rates. For their cancer diagnosis, several patients from neighbouring countries fly to India, seeking improved facilities and more sophisticated therapies. On the other side, there is an increasing pool of Western patients seeking more affordable, conventional care choices for cancer in India.

Indian cancer care-: What’s the main problem today for patients?

Many patients end up with one-size-fits-all recommendations from hospitals because of a shortage of public health services and a shortage of qualified oncologists in India. Many cancer care delivery facilities are known to give all patients the same care options such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy without getting into the details of each case. But, every type of cancer needs different treatment options, but some oncologists do not give the right treatment to people due to lack of knowledge.

What results from this lack of knowledge and expertise?

Most Indian cities, except for Metros, also lack specialist oncologists and cancer hospitals with multiple specialities. Due to this, several cancer patients are misdiagnosed, mistreated, and even over-treated such as undergoing needless procedures in India. This leads them to several other health conditions because the wrong treatment option affects their health badly. There have been cases where patients did not seek the best care, well, special care is needed in cancer treatment, which is beneficial to save their life. This happens because several hospitals were given different care by the hospital that would have helped them financially.

Types of cancer treatment in India.

Surgery: As the name depicts, it is a surgical procedure in which your doctor removes tumours from the body.

Radiation therapy: In Radiotherapy, specialists utilize the large doses of radiation to destroy cancer cells and compress tumours, but concentrating on the infected areas.

Chemotherapy: In this cancer treatment, Medications and pharmaceuticals are used here to destroy cancer cells.

Immunotherapy: This therapy is useful to stimulate the cancer-fighting immune system.

Hormone therapy: Hormone therapy is beneficial to destroy rising breast and prostate cancers which feed on increasing hormones.

Stem-cell transplants: They are treatments to revive blood-forming stem cells in people with large doses of chemotherapy and radiation that have killed theirs.

Precision medicine: Physicians do this depending on their interpretation of the illness through genetics.

Targeted therapy: This is a treatment that uses targeted drugs to kill cancer cells which develop and spread.