What are the common types of Cancer Treatment recommended by the best Oncology cancer doctor?

Treatment recommendation by a cancer doctor

What are the common types of Cancer Treatment recommended by the best Oncology cancer doctor?

March 6, 2020


Different strategies are developed to give the patients the best cancer treatments & outcomes and help them to live a better life. The most common types of treatment given by the oncology doctor include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, immunotherapy, and targeted therapy. The doctor will make the treatment program according to the type & stage of cancer.

  • Surgery

The surgery is used to diagnose, prevent, and treat cancer. During the diagnosis, the doctor will do a biopsy to understand the cancer type and its progression. The option of surgery is effective when it has not spread to other body parts.

In such cases, the success rate of removing or eliminating the cancer is very high. So, make sure you choose the best team of oncologists who will give you a reliable and best treatment course to manage the condition.

  • Chemotherapy

With Chemotherapy, strong medications are used to treat cancer throughout the body. Almost all cancer types of chemotherapy are required. According to your condition, the doctor will choose the type & dosage of medications you need. The factors which determine the type of drug you need include:

  • Type of cancer

  • Stage of Cancer

  • Patient’s age

  • Overall well-being

  • Undergone any previous cancer treatment

  • Targeted Therapy

In the field of medical science, continuous changes are being done to get effective cancer therapy. The cancer cells are being targeted to find the vulnerabilities and how severe the problem is.

The cancer doctor will determine the type of tumor or cancer and whether the targeted therapy will work on it. In most cases, these are monoclonal antibodies medications that get attached to the cell surface easily.

  • Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is also known as radiotherapy. In this treatment, the high-energy particles are used which helps in either damaging or destroying the harmful cancer cells. Moreover, the treatment can slow down cancer growth or prevent it from coming back. Radiation therapy includes 2 options:

  • Internal radiation therapy

  • External beam radiation therapy

The results of radiation therapy are visible in a few days or weeks. This treatment is best for prostate cancer and breast cancer.

  • Immunotherapy

This cancer treatment is best to give support to the immune system. Immunotherapy marks the cancer cells and our immune system will find & destroy them. Immunotherapy is of different types:

  • Adoptive cell transfer

  • Monoclonal antibodies

  • Treatment vaccines

  • Cytokines

  • BCG treatment

Still, more research needs to be done on this to find its effectiveness.

Bottom Line

Oncology researchers are continually working to get the best treatment course for reducing the symptoms, mortality rate, and to cure cancer. Every case is different, so your doctor will determine every possible factor to give you the best advice.