Explain here the different types of Cancer Specialists for treating Cancer?

Types of cancer treatment in India

Explain here the different types of Cancer Specialists for treating Cancer?

June 6, 2020


Cancer is a complex, dangerous, and tricky disease, and you need to visit the cancer hospital in Ludhiana to meet the specialist. This article will give you information on certain types of specialists that will help you in treatment.

What type of cancer expert do you need?

There are basically three ways of treating cancer such as-:

  • With medicine like hormone therapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy.
  • Radiation

There is a different specialist who can handle each treatment. Almost every single person would require these three care treatments. Well, the treatment option depends on your cancer type as well as the cancer stage.

Medical oncologist-: This is probably the cancer specialist you will see most often. Your oncologist will usually supervise your general care and then, he makes a treatment plan by coordinating with other specialists. The chemotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy will also be the responsibility of your oncologist. For long-term, regular checkups, you will probably visit your medical oncologist.

Oncologist for radiation. This radiation oncologist performs radiation treatment to cure tumors or destroy cancer growth cells in your body.

Oncologist for surgery. This is a specialist specifically qualified to handle cancer. Your surgical oncologist may be called in for a biopsy to diagnose cancer. Surgical oncologists often use tumor removal to diagnose cancer.

You may also need to look at other types of doctors for special cancer care, depending on your case. You might need to consult a hematologist, for example, who specializes in treating blood disorders, lymph nodes, and bone marrow. Occasionally, surgery can be conducted by a general physician, instead of an oncologist. Or if you need reconstructive surgery after treatment you might need to see a plastic surgeon. You may also wish to see a psychiatrist or psycho-oncologist, a psychiatrist specializing in cancer coping psychological challenges.

What should you need to look for in a Cancer Specialist?


A cancer surgeon will have extensive expertise in handling the unique form of cancer you have. Say how many patients the doctor has seen over the last year and throughout his or her career. This is the best way to get information about cancer specialists to treat different types of cancer.

Valid training in cancer treatment.

You may see framed degrees on the wall of a cancer hospital, but these are not there for display only, however, your specialist wants to tell you that he has specialization in cancer treatment. Look closely at these. Try to find where your doctor got training in this field. You also ask if he or she has other special competencies or areas of interest. Ask if he or she has published articles on cancer treatment in any relevant journal.

Offering your questions.

That’s one of the most important things a cancer specialist needs to look for.