What do you need to know about the treatment costs of chemotherapy in India?

Chemotherapy Treatment for Cancer

What do you need to know about the treatment costs of chemotherapy in India?

December 11, 2020



When the doctor tells you to need to get a chemo session, different questions can come to your mind. One of the major concerns is regarding the treatment cost. Fortunately, the treatment has evolved in India and the way it is given has been improved a lot. Also, the chemotherapy cost in India is affordable as compared to other countries.

Get to know about the treatment plan

Chemotherapy can be the main cancer treatment and your oncologist might suggest you get hormone therapy, radiation, surgery, immunotherapy, and targeted therapy. There is a cycle of treatment that needs to be followed which comes with the recovery plan.

You should ask the oncologist about the treatment plan in depth before it is started and this way you will know about the costs and what you should expect. Also, ask the doctor whether you need to get the treatment in the hospital, home, clinic, or at the doctor’s office. Also, ask for how long the treatment is given to you and how often you need to get it done.

Apart from that, it is better to have an understanding of what you can expect during the treatment and what kind of procedure or test can be done. Ask the doctor if it is okay that you get the treatment at the doctor’s office or you need to visit the hospital.

*In most cases, the patient’s condition and the symptom he or she is experiencing will tell how the treatment is planned for you.

What are the different kinds of costs?

The chemotherapy is going to include various elements and each of them comes with a tag. You should get the estimate from the doctor by asking how much the cost will be.

  • Lab tests
  • Imaging tests
  • Office or clinic visits
  • Consultation with specialists
  • Chemotherapy medications
  • Other medications help to treat nausea and pain.

There are certain cost factors which are not liked to the treatment directly

  • Mental health services
  • The need for personal items
  • Home care or rehabilitation
  • Elder or child care during the chemo session
  • Hotel or transportation costs if you are planning to travel for treatment.
  • Need assistance to do household work.

How can you help?

You should ask the treatment team who is going to handle all the finances as they can tell you better from whom you need to take help. The medical facility is going to work with you on the right payment plan so that you are not bothered about the cost while looking to get the treatment.

In case, some part of the treatment cost is not able to be managed by you then you should ask for other options. They are going to guide you the ways to manage the medical expenses. Make sure that you keep a record of the expenses so that you have the proof you paid and which treatment cost you how much.