Topmost tips to choose the best oncologist and cancer treatment hospital

Tips to choose the oncologist & cancer hospital Punjab

Topmost tips to choose the best oncologist and cancer treatment hospital

March 4, 2020


Important tips to choose the best cancer doctor and hospital

  • Seek help from the primary care doctor

You should ask your family doctor or primary care doctor because they might be familiar with an expert.

  • Look for the top-level quality

You should look for a cancer hospital with a multidisciplinary approach. It means the patient will get input from different cancer experts. The patients will get the best advice from the surgeon, radiation oncologist, medical oncologists, oncology nurses, and social workers. With all the expert advice, you will get the best treatment course.

  • Choose the cancer hospital with National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation

The NCI designated cancer hospital has expert recognition. In simple words, the treatment will be the latest and new with the top specialists which will give the best treatment approach.

  • Consult more than one doctor

At times, we get the best doctor in the first consultation. But, if you feel you are not satisfied with the advice or they approached you, then make sure to consult another doctor. Comparing the doctor’s suggestion will give you a better understanding to make the right choice.

  • Ask the doctor about experience and credentials

Here are a few questions which you should ask the oncologist:

  • Are you a board-certified surgeon?

  • How many patients have you treated with this cancer type?

  • How many patients are currently getting treatment for this cancer?

  • Will I get the best advice to choose the best treatment plan?

  • How many successful surgeries have you performed?

  • What about the complication rate?

  • What is the mortality rate in the first month?

*Mortality Rate: This is the death that occurred within 30-days following surgery out or in the hospital.

The experienced and best doctor will not get offended when asked these questions. They will happily share the information with their patients.

  • Do not bother about the distance to get the treatment with top centre

Most experts are working with local oncologists and physicians to get the best treatment for the patients. It means the surgery is done at the main centre and the post-surgery treatment or acre is done locally.

  • Make sure to research and learn about the treatment

Being proactive is very important. It means you need to learn about the different treatment options and then make the best choice. However, on the internet you will find different treatment plans which have not been proven effective, so make sure to talk to your physician. 

  • Consider a Clinical Trial

From day one when the treatment starts, you can ask about the clinical trials. It means the research study to test the new ways to treat cancer which you can be part of. With your help, the treatment can be improved and the best results for future patients.