Some Questions Related to Covid-19 And Cancer

Some Questions related to Covid 19 And Cancer

Some Questions Related to Covid-19 And Cancer

April 15, 2020


Due to coronavirus, many people who are already suffering from health issues are worried. Cancer patients have different questions in their minds about how this virus can affect or what they need to do. Keeping this in mind, this guide will answer some of the most important questions related to COVID-19 and cancer.

  • What is the meaning of immune-compromised?

Immune compromised means the person’s immune system is weak or less robust as compared to other individuals. The main role of the immune system is to fight off with the infection. But, in such cases, the immune system is more prone to getting infected. There are many conditions in which the immune system can be compromised which include heart disease, diabetes, cancer, old age, or lifestyle choices.

If you are worried about what you need to keep in mind so that the COVID 19 does not affect your health then talk to your cancer doctor right away.

  • If I had cancer in the past will it raise the risk of COVID-19?

There are high chances the cancer patients and survivors can be at risk of COVID-19. One of the studies has shown that there are high chances of complications and the patient needs to get intensive care. Well, the study is done on a small number for better information consult the best doctor at our cancer hospital.

  • Does the chemotherapy or radiation treatment raise the risk of getting coronavirus or some other health issue?

Currently, there is no available data that proves that cancer treatment raises the risk of this virus. Some of the evidence shows that if they get Coronavirus then it can lead to some serious infection. The immune system can become weak and the body will not be able to fight with the infection.

If you are currently undergoing the treatment then talk to your doctor about how to keep up with the treatment. Make sure that you do not miss out on any session.

  • Should cancer patients or survivors follow the general public health guidelines?

Absolutely. The cancer survivors or patients should follow the general guidelines. This includes washing the hands properly, avoiding touching the face, not going into crowded areas, keeping the surroundings clean and disinfected.

  • What does oral cancer patients need to keep in mind?

Cancer is a serious condition that needs timely treatment. The best advice is to talk with your cancer care team and they will let you if you need to make any type of modifications in the treatment plan.

  • If the cancer survivors or patients have early symptoms like fever or cough should they get medical help?

If anything happens like fever or cough, then consult the medical health care professional right away.