Why is it important for patients to go through cancer counseling?

Benefits of getting cancer counseling oncology doctor Ludhiana

Why is it important for patients to go through cancer counseling?

March 12, 2020


What is Cancer counseling?

Cancer Counseling is the process of one to one interaction between the therapist and the patient. It helps the patient to talk about the emotional difficulties he or she is experiencing while undergoing the treatment. Cancer Counseling with best oncology doctor can help them to understand the treatment and how they can move forward in their life to deal with the changes brought by cancer.

How counseling is important for cancer patients?

While getting the treatment, the patients have different questions in mind related to the treatment, diagnosis, follow-ups, survival rate, changes in daily life, managing work, relationship, finances, and relationships with partners or children. This is the reason, undergoing cancer counseling is an important part of the cancer treatment. Counseling can help you deal with different problems in an effective manner. Some of the key components of the counseling are:

  • Compassion

  • Nonjudgmental understanding

  • Exploring personal issues

  • Confidentiality

  • Coping with the reactions to cancer

  • Family & relationship issues

  • Dealing with practical issues

Managing the stress and reaction

When a person gets to know about cancer it can leave different reactions including:

  • Fear or anger

  • Strong reactions to changes to the body

  • Anxiety about treatment

You might feel very angry to cope up with the problem or you might not be able to control your thoughts. You will start feeling stressed about the possible side effects and how your body will change through the entire process. Cancer can deeply affect a person’s relationships.

Effect on the family relationship

Cancer can greatly affect the family relationship, which means it can be difficult for you to connect with your family or friends. At times, people find it very hard to share their feelings. It might be possible that you are not able to fulfil your role properly. You might need to have conversations about:

  • Financial support

  • Making a will

  • Mortgages

  • Pensions

How does counseling help?

The patient might be planning to deal with things in different ways which others do not agree about. The counselor can help you find the best ways to cope up with the entire situation. Additionally, counseling is confidential which means you can speak your heart out and just do not bother about anything.

Emotional and psychological support

Getting additional emotional and psychological support throughout the treatment will make you comfortable. Counseling can help you overcome the problem of anxiety and depression which might be due to cancer. There is some evidence that it can help you deal with the phobias of cancer treatment like:

  • Fear of getting daily injections.

  • Undergoing the MRI scan due to a small space

For better understanding, you should talk to the doctor and undergo the entire treatment without any stress.