Lipstick Causes Cancer?

Lipstick Causes cancer

Lipstick Causes Cancer?

May 18, 2020


A few years back an email was circulated regarding lipstick that can cause cancer because of lead in it. If there is any truth that there is lead present in the lipstick and is it dangerous? And if so, can it cause cancer? Read the given topic in detail to understand the entire thing.


One of the emails caught attention that a famous lipstick brand caused cancer. The email subject was Lipstick Alert. In the email, several brands of lipstick were mentioned which claims that it contains lead and one of them is called Red Earth.

There has been one weird-sounding test in which the gold ring is used to scratch the lipstick and look for the color change to see if it contains lead.

Does the presence of lead in Lipstick cause cancer?

It might sound convincing, but it is not true. All cosmetic products are regulated by the FDA and there is no way, there can be the presence of lead in lipstick or any other product. In most of the lipsticks, there is no amount of lead. In case, some contain lead, the amount is so small that it won’t result in any harmful effect.

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What about the Gold ring test?

The email is an example of an urban legend. You might get different examples of the variations which circulated back in 2003 and all this was posted was on Facebook. In case, if in the future you can see the email, Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media then keep in mind it is developed and it is very old.

Confirmation by the Health Authorities

The Health Authorities have taken down the urban legend. The health administrates regulates the lead content in the lipstick and if there is any presence, then it won’t result in any such health issue.

FDA developed a method in which they tested the lead amount in lipstick and around 400 brands and shades they posted on the website. If you want to buy the one with the least lead amount then go to their website and check the list.

FDA said that all the samples are safe. Moreover, they have set the specifications for color additives in the products and then approve them based on safety evaluations.

The amount of lead in the cosmetic product is taken into consideration and how much of it will end up being ingested. Currently, there is no such upper limit of the lead amount which is allowed but they are evaluating if there is a need to set one. So, next time you buy lipstick make sure you choose the right one.