What type of latest technologies are used to change the way of cancer treatment?

New technologies to treat cancer Ludhiana

What type of latest technologies are used to change the way of cancer treatment?

March 19, 2020


Dr. Amit Kumar Dhiman (Cancer Specialist, Oncology, Deep cancer Institute, Deep Hospital): Cancer is explained as the development of abnormal cells, this is caused when your body stops working properly. Due to this old abnormal cells do not die, but new cells grow continuously, which leads you to severe conditions. These cells result in the mass of tissues, which is additionally known as a tumor. 

There are several types of cancer such as:

  • Carcinomas-: This type of cancer affects skin or tissues that are placed under the internal organs.

  • Sarcomas-: This cancer type affects the bones, connective tissues, cartilage, muscles, and fat.

  • Leukemia is developed in the blood and bone marrow.

  • Lymphomas affects your immune system.

  • The central nervous system type of cancer affects your spinal cord and the brain.

To get the treatment, you need to visit the oncology doctor, because he has a specialization in treating cancer properly. Yes, it is true that treating cancer is too difficult, but in this modern era, researchers find the treatment to treat cancer. In this era, researchers found new technologies to treat cancer from roots, these technologies are helpful to attack tumors and immune system safety, this is known as an immuno-oncology. There are some other technologies developed to treat cancer properly. These are-:

Personalizing cancer vaccines

As we said earlier, cancer is caused when healthy cells are transformed into tumor cells. And the symptoms of cancer in one person are completely different from the other one. Every patient needs different medicine to cure cancer. Due to this, new technology is developed to make medicines and cancer vaccines according to the needs of the cancer patient. Specialists make the medicine after identifying the cancer mutations so that these can work against the tumor. In this technology, messenger RNA is used to treat cancer and this is completely cheaper than cell therapy.

This technology is beneficial for people with lung and bowel cancer. And people who are suffering from ovarian or prostate cancer need to go with CAR-T therapy.

Guiding immune cells to attack

First cell therapy is performed in 2018, which is usually known as CAR-T cell therapy. In this therapy, specialists take immune T-cells from the affected person and examine them to know the problem. This will help them to make a vaccine for cancer patients so that they can simply live without any problem.

Making cancer technology more precise

Scientists use CRISPR technology for gene editing, this is useful to remove genes from immune T cells, which leads to immune attack or cancer. This technology is also useful to improve cancer treatments including CAR-T.