Importance of Chemotherapy Treatment

Importance of chemotherapy treatment

Importance of Chemotherapy Treatment

March 25, 2020


What is chemotherapy treatment?

Chemotherapy treatment is performed by the oncology doctor to treat different cancer types. In this treatment, high-dose drugs are used but it does not mean that all the drugs and medicines will work in the same way.

Well, with technological advancement, it has made it possible to use chemo with different drugs. Along with chemo treatment options like hormone therapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy are the best possible options.

During chemo, the drugs travel the body and kill the cancer cells which are spread all over the body. The treatment is very different from radiation and surgery.

The goal of chemotherapy treatment

Undergoing chemotherapy treatment, then it is essential to understand all the goals when deciding to get the treatment. It has 3 main goals which include:


The chemo treatment is used to cure cancer which means it will destroy them so that they do not come back again. When the doctor is giving the treatment there are high chances that cancer will cure.

In such a case, the cure is the best situation so that cancer does not come back again. But, yes it needs some years to decide whether cancer is cured or not.


If the cancer cure is not possible, then the doctor will give you treatment to control the spread of cancer. It means the cancer cells are shrunk and their growth in the body is stopped so that they won’t spread to other organs. This way the person will feel better and they can live longer. In some cases, cancer can go away completely.


Chemo treatment is given to reduce the severity of symptoms caused by cancer which is known as palliation or palliative treatment. If the cancer is at an advanced stage then it won’t be cured or controlled. The main aim of this treatment is to improve the quality of life and make the person feel better. This way the patient feels less pain by undergoing this treatment.

What are the reasons to use chemotherapy treatment?

  • Before radiation or surgery, the tumor is shrunk. The use of chemo treatment, in this case, is known as neoadjuvant therapy.
  • Following radiation or surgery, the cancer cells are killed present in the body. This is referred to as adjuvant therapy.
  • Other treatments were used but they did not prove helpful for the patients.
  • Chemo can be used with other treatments like targeted therapy for certain cancer cells to boost the immune system.

For more information, consult the doctor and discuss how your treatment plan will be made to increase the success chances of the treatment.