How to Support Your Loved one Getting a Cancer Diagnosis?

How to Support Your loved one getting a cancer diagnosis

How to Support Your Loved one Getting a Cancer Diagnosis?

May 4, 2020


Cancer affects the person as well as the family members and friends. No doubt, the time is tough but it is essential for the people around the cancer patient to support him or her. Read the given topic to learn the tips on how to support your loved ones who are getting a cancer diagnosis.


A cancer diagnosis is a life-changing event not just for the cancer patient but also for the loved ones around him. Family members might not be sure about what needs to be done and how they can support the person without saying anything wrong.

First of all, you need to understand the individual’s body goes through a lot of changes. It is essential to understand the emotional and physical changes which occur. To make it easy for you, our cancer doctor has shared some of the top tips to support your loved ones getting the cancer diagnosis:

  • Listen to them

People with cancer often find that they can express their emotions like anger or sadness but they prefer not to do so. In that case, you should make them understand you are there and just listen to them. You should not always try to give them the solution.

Do not judge them or give any negative comments as the person can feel avoided. You should relate stories of someone else dealing with cancer. This is not going to help the person in any manner.

  • Do not complicate the situation

At first, it might be helpful if you offer them help but after some time the person can feel hopeless. Continuing to work in the same manner can make the person feel normal and they also prefer to engage in conversation which does not include cancer. You should stay connected with them and check on them to ensure that you have not forgotten about them.

  • Provide help

For some people, it can be difficult for them to perform the task as they used. In such cases, friends and family can help them. You should give them a ride for appointments, prepare a meal for them, take the pets for a walk, buy the food for them, and help them with laundry.

  • Learn about the cancer

We often hear about cancer but do not have a clear understanding of treatment, symptoms, and side effects. So, you should clear the misconception and get an understanding of the cancer treatment by visiting the cancer hospital.

  • Take part in the cancer support group

Some cancer patients think that their family and loved ones do not support them or understand the way they should be. If that is the case, then you should help them to join a support group. Getting to know other people with the same condition can make a lot of difference.