How to Support a Friend Who Has Cancer?

How to Support a Friend Who Has Cancer

How to Support a Friend Who Has Cancer?

April 13, 2020


If your friend is diagnosed with cancer, then you might be thinking how you can support him or her. No doubt, you want to help them but it is extremely difficult to understand what you need to say. Keep in mind, there are no set of rules. Read the given guide to support your friend in this tough time.

Prepare yourself properly

  • Take time to process your feelings

No doubt, we know it is tough to hear the news. You need to acknowledge and cope up with the feeling about the diagnosis before you try to talk with them. This way you can focus on your friend properly.

  • Learn about the diagnosis

Your friend wants to talk about the situation but it can be emotionally and physically tiring to repeat the same thing. It would be best that you talk to their cancer doctor and understand the basics of the specific cancer type. At the cancer hospital, you will get a better understanding of the entire situation.

  • Think it from your friend’s perspective

You need to think from their perspective and how he or she would be feeling in this tough time. Undergoing the treatment will lead to many physical changes like hair loss, weight gain or loss, and fatigue. Make sure you do not make any comment which will hurt their feelings.

Helpful tips to support your friend

  • Take his or her permission

Before you give any advice, you should take their permission. If they say no, then make it clear no it is perfectly okay.

  • Plan something

It is okay to make future plans. Undergoing treatment can be long and tiring. If they have something to look forward to in the future it will excite them and also distract their mind.

  • Let them change the plans

In case, if your friend changes the plan or wants to reschedule it then do it.

  • Help them 

At times, your friend will help but they might not ask for it. So, you should offer them help. You can visit them at the hospital or buy groceries for them. This way they will have a feeling that someone is by their side.

  • Stay normal

There is no need to treat them differently. You should treat them the same way as you used to. Laugh together or shop, what you guys love to do together.

Most importantly, if you commit that you will help them, then you need to be there when they need you.

What you should say?

Here are some of the things which will show them you care and support them:

  • I am sorry this happened to you.
  • What you are thinking?
  • If you even want to talk, I am always here
  • How can I help you?
  • I care and think about you.