How close are we to find an effective cure for cancer treatment in India?

How close are we to find an effective cure for cancer treatment in India?

How close are we to find an effective cure for cancer treatment in India?

March 8, 2021


Cancer is one of the leading causes of death all over the world. Different research has been done on finding the best cancer cure and the most effective one also. Through the use of newfangled and improved technology, the cancer treatment cost in India is comparatively less as compared to the developed nations. On average the cancer treatment cost is Rs 1,41,774 & depending on the treatment the cost will vary.

Most common cancer type treatment

The most common cancer types are radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery, and hormonal therapy. Apart from that, steam therapy has also seen a rise along with combinations of treatments. The main aim of the treatment is to defeat cancer effectively and limiting the side effects of treatment.

The improved cancer treatment aims to improve the aggressive side effects of the treatment, recurrence of cancer, and improving the patient’s quality of life.

Improving the immune system

One type of therapy that has gained the attention of cancer patients is immunotherapy which aims to improve body immunity. The cancer cells are dangerous and they affect the immune system to a great extent.

Through the research on in vitro and in vivo experiments, the protective system is being found to deactivate the cancer cells. The research is done to ensure that the signaling pathways are blocked which helps the white blood cells to do their work.

Therapeutic viruses and innovative ‘vaccines’

  • This is the first time which has shown that therapeutic viruses can pass through the brain-blood barrier. Through this option the possibility of treating the patient through immunotherapy in which the patient is diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer.

  • Another improved technology is the dendritic vaccines which play a vital role in the immune system. In the person’s body, it will help in checking the cancer cells and then destroy them. It will be put back into the body so that the immune system is boosted.

  • Some of the research has even shown that the combination of immunotherapy and chemotherapy helps in delivering the desired results. Through such a response, the targeted tumor can be attacked in the best manner.

One of the special tools is developed in which the drug is delivered to the tumor and then the patient is treated in a better manner. The nanoparticles approaches have changed the scenario of cancer treatment. Only the harmful cancer cells are attacked and not the healthy ones.

Cancer treatments and epigenetics

The term ‘Epigenetics’ refers to the situation when changes are made in the body through gene alteration expression. The characteristics changes happen at the biological level. Researchers are trying their best to understand how the genes react and understanding what is the role in cancer development. The combinational therapy helped the patient to get access to the best chemotherapeutic drug.

What does this mean?

Cancer research is going at a fast pace and technological advancement is helping the patient to get access to the best cure. Do not lose hope and you must be optimistic. For better information, contact the best oncologist in your area.