Healthy Diet And Reduced Risk of Cancer

Healthy Diet And Reduced Risk of Cancer

Healthy Diet And Reduced Risk of Cancer

April 24, 2020


You might not know but some food items reduce the cancer risk. Yes, following a nutritious diet helps your body to fight against the cancer cells. So, next time you eat something to make sure it is beneficial for your overall health. Read the given topic to learn the steps to reduce the cancer risk.

Here we have mentioned the healthy dietary tips shared by our cancer doctor which everyone should follow to reduce the cancer risk.

  • Stay fit and healthy

Studies have shown that 1 in 5 cancer people are overweight or obese. This means your body fat will make a lot of difference. However, it is not clear how cancer risk is increased with weight. Excess weight will increase the risk of endometrial and esophageal by 50%. Excess belly fat increases the risk of certain cancer types. Due to obesity, cancer can be associated with different body parts like:

– Colon

– Gallbladder

– Kidney

– Liver

– Rectum

– Thyroid

– Ovaries

– Pancreas

– Prostate

– Uterus

  • Limit the calorie food

You should limit the intake of solid fat and added sugar as they increase the calories level. Some of these food options include snack food, desserts, sugar-sweetened beverages, and processed food. Calorie level increase in the body with the calorie-dense food which leads to weight gain. So, make sure to eat food items that are cancer-preventive as shared by your doctor during the appointment at the cancer hospital.

  • Reduce the number of meat portions

Some of the studies have shown that colon cancer is linked with eating large amounts of red meat. This goes true for hot dogs, bacon, and ham. You can eat them but make sure you take them in moderation. You need to eat them in small portions and the rest of the platter should be filled with vegetables and whole grains.

  • Include green vegetables and seasonal fruit

Increasing the intake of whole plant food reduces the risk of stomach, colon, oral, lung, and esophageal cancer. However, it is not clear what components present in fruits and vegetables help prevent cancer. But, they are full of nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy.

  • Reduce Alcohol intake

Alcohol contains harmful substances that increase the risk of cancer of the liver, breast, colon, rectum, pharynx, larynx, and esophagus. Its effect is even worse when it is combined with smoking. Make sure you reduce the daily intake and it should be limited to one drink per day.

  • Include plant protein

Lentils and beans are nutritious and affordable sources of protein and fiber. If you eat plant-based protein as compared to animal protein the risk of different cancer types will reduce.

For more tips to reduce the cancer risk you should consult the doctor. Book your appointment today only and clear all your doubts on how you need to manage your diet properly.