Get the best cancer care treatment and opinion from experts to save your life

Get the best cancer care treatment and opinion from experts to save your life

Get the best cancer care treatment and opinion from experts to save your life

February 18, 2021


Cancer Specialist Opinion Saves A Life

Cancer is a large group of health issues that begins when the body organs or tissue cells grow uncontrollably. It reaches the point that the nearby components start getting impacted. You will find many cancer care centres that are established to provide the best cancer care to patients.

One of the problems is that cancer care comes with the burden of increased stress, emotionally, physically, and financially. To give the patient high-quality treatment, the Cancer Treatment cost in India is comparatively less as compared to other nations.

Do you know?

The average cost of cancer treatment in India is Rs 5 lakh to Rs 10 lakh. Whereas in the US, the average cancer treatment cost is $150,000 (1093050.00000 INR), this is actually 4 times higher as compared to the cost of other medical conditions.

Let’s help you understand how Cancer Rounds Opinion are beneficial

One of our patients named Ashan Roy came to us, as she was diagnosed with blood cancer. But this part of her life did not discourage her and she was motivated to make herself better again. No doubt, the cancer journey was tough but with our team of oncologists, it was worthwhile.

As her condition was diagnosed at an early stage, so it helped to take proper steps on time. Early detection prevents the lethal disease from spreading from benign to malignant stages.

On the look-out for possible options

Like any other patient, she and her family were looking for options that will prove beneficial. By doing so, it helps them to take the right step to recovery. In the ray of hope, they came across our hospital through an online search. They were living in Jharkhand and for the consultation, they came to our hospital. In a very quick time, the doctor consulted the patient & they got access to the best healthcare service.

Understanding of the patient condition

One of the most essential challenges in the restoration direction is convincing them they still have the hope to live a life. Our doctor conducted various counseling sessions. Along with that various blood tests were recommended.

After that, she was shifted to the hospital as her hemoglobin level has fallen to a great level. With effective cancer care treatment, her condition has improved a lot,

Recently, she contacted her doctor and it has been a great improvement in her condition.

Complete cancer care will save lives

Here, our main aim is to let you know that getting complete cancer care will save your lives and the patient can lead a quality of life. It is seen that cancer care has evolved a lot with time and with the complete assessment the patient’s overall health can be in the right state.

Most importantly, the availability of healthcare employees and well-maintained infrastructure is what makes a lot of difference. Our hospital’s main objective is to offer the patient easy access to the treatment and give them further assistance. Even if it is through an online platform.

*Bear in mind that you should consult the doctor in detail about what type of cancer care you need. Along with that, he can give you a better estimate of the cost.