Genetic Testing for Cancer

Genetic Testing for Cancer

Genetic Testing for Cancer

April 29, 2020


Genetic testing is done if the health care experts feel that you need to get it. Different steps need to be done before the final step is taken. The genetic test is done for the cancer screening so that the patient can get the best treatment. In this topic, we are going to discuss in detail about genetic testing for cancer.

Determining the risk

The genetic testing starts with determining if you have developed a certain disease. The risk increases with the medical history and the disease pattern in the family. The cancer doctor will ask you why you want to get the best. The provider will look for disease patterns in the family. It is vital to confirm the health issues in the family so that the patient can get the best treatment plan.

Explain in detail about Genetic counseling?

When you visit the cancer hospital, you will get all the information in detail. The genetic counselors will have done genetic training and they have got a special degree in the desired field. In some cases, the oncology nurses, social workers, doctors, and psychologists will have done special training as a genetic counselor.

The main purpose of genetic counseling is to give all the information which is unbiased or neutral. This will make it easier for you whether you get to get the testing. In some cases, it is totally clear there is a need for testing and whether you need to follow a health care routine. Ideally, it would be better to talk to a genetic counselor as they can guide you better on what decisions you need to take.

The counselor will explain in detail how the cancer was inherited and how the genes passed from parents to children. The doctor will tell you in detail what type of cancer risk is higher in your family.

During the screening, the doctor will discuss in detail about the benefits and limitations. More than one family can get the testing done. You can also discuss with the counselor how to manage if the results are not the best. This will include early detection, lifestyle changes, watching the signs and symptoms of cancer, and what type of medications you need to take to prevent the problem.

How to inform the family about genetic testing?

The process of informing about the genetic testing to the family and friends will include:

  • The need for a genetic test
  • Test accuracy
  • How genetic testing helped?
  • Genetic testing nature and type
  • The reason who are offering the test to family members and friends
  • Additional testing options who can go through
  • Availability of support and counseling services.

If you are in doubt, what treatment plan will suit your condition the best and what all you need to keep in mind then you should book your appointment with the doctor.