What Are The Different Latest And Effective Cancer Treatments To Cure Cancer?

Quick guide to cancer treatment

What Are The Different Latest And Effective Cancer Treatments To Cure Cancer?

March 18, 2020



Dr. Amit Kumar Dhiman (Cancer Specialist, Oncology, Deep cancer Institute, Deep Hospital): Cancer is a group of different diseases that result in unusual cell growth. The cells can affect the various tissues in the body which can trigger some serious health problems. Cancer is the second-leading cause of death all over the world.

When you visit the oncology doctor, he will diagnose your condition and let you know which treatment plan will help you live a healthy and happy life. This guide will make you understand the different treatment options which are available for cancer.

Treatment options to cure cancer

  • Immunotherapy

Cancer immunotherapy is going to help the immune system to fight with cancer cells. The immune system is made of different cells, organs, and tissues which fight with foreign invaders like viruses, bacteria, and parasites. But cancer cells are not foreign invaders, so your immunity system needs some help to identify them which is done by:

  • Vaccines

Certain vaccines are helpful in treating certain cancer types. One of them is the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine which can prevent different types of HPV that can cause cervical cancer.

Currently, there is only one vaccine that is approved to treat cancer which is Sipuleucel-T. This vaccine helps treat prostate cancer. More research is being done to find new vaccines that can treat and prevent different cancer types.

  • T-cell therapy

These are immune cells which destroy the foreign invaders present in the body. The cells are removed from the body and sent to the lab. The cells which are more effective cancer cells are separated and grown in a large amount. After that, they are injected back to the body. More research is still going to to find how well it can work against other cancer types.

  • Monoclonal antibodies

With this therapy, a large number of antibodies are created. These antibodies are injected into the body where they find them and help to lessen the effect of cancer cells. Some of the monoclonal antibodies which are created are mentioned below:

  • Ibritumomab tiuxetan

  • Alemtuzumab

  • Ado-trastuzumab emtansine

  • Blinatumomab

  • Gene Therapy

Gene therapy is an effective treatment as it edits or alters the genes which are present in the cell of the body. Genes contain protein which leaves a different effect on the body the way cells grow, communicate, and behave with each other. The main aim of this therapy is to replace or modify the cells which are damaged with healthy code.

  • Hormone therapy

Our body produces hormones which help in regulating different functions of the body tissues and cells. Medication is used to block the hormones. When such changes are made it can affect the survival and growth of cancer cells. This therapy is useful in treating prostate cancer, breast cancer, or uterine cancer.

  • Virotherapy

Different types of virus can destroy their host cells. Due to this, this therapy is an effective choice to kill cancer cells selectively. The virus used is known as an oncolytic virus which targets only the cancer cells. Till now only one virus is approved which is known as T-VEC for treating melanoma skin cancer because it cannot be removed with the surgery.