Do Hair Dyes Cause Cancer?

Do Hair Dyes Cause Cancer

Do Hair Dyes Cause Cancer?

May 20, 2020


When the hair turns grey, many people prefer to use hair dyes. The hair color treatment needs to be used frequently to cover the hair roots. Some of the research has shown that it can cause as it contains chemicals. Read the given topic, to understand the use of hair dyes can cause cancer.

Does hair dyes cause cancer?

There are many products available for covering grey hair. The temporary tint can be washed easily as the outer layer will not absorb it. The semi-permanent colors can last for around 6 to 10 shampoos. The permanent dyes are the popular choice which has popularity around 80%.

A few years back, one of the research was done on permanent hair dyes and it showed that it causes cancer in animals. Very few studies have been done on this to understand how it can be a danger or increase the cancer risk.

Additionally, the research is not only on the type of dye but it’s subject or how frequently you use it. The person who prefers to color the hair roots every week is exposed to chemicals in excess.

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What type of cancer risk is there?

The research involves bladder cancer, blood cancer, and marrow cancer like leukemia & non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and breast cancer. Some of the studies have shown the risk of bladder cancer when the person uses the permanent dyes for a long time.

Additionally, the other type of cancer risk has shown in some people and some do not face the issue. To get the right information, treatment plan, and clear all your doubts you should consult our experienced doctor.

What about birth defects?

Another question is regarding the birth defects, through personal use or exposure from the workplace. Some of the studies have shown that there is increased risk. But, there is no birth defect when the human uses it as the chemical absorption is very less.

The hairdressers and pregnant women should wear gloves and work in a ventilated space for 35 hours per week only.

How to use the hair dye safely?

Well, the research has shown conflicting results between hair dyes and cancer. It is better to be safe than sorry and you should use the dye safely by following given guidelines:

  • Do not keep the hair dye more than the recommended time.
  • While coloring hair, wear gloves.
  • After coloring, rinse the scalp properly with water.
  • Do not mix any other hair color items.
  • Follow the package instructions and warnings to avoid hair dye allergies and other skin issues.