What is chemotherapy? For how long is it to be performed to treat cancer?


What is chemotherapy? For how long is it to be performed to treat cancer?

January 30, 2021


There are many treatment options for liver cancer. But chemotherapy is the most result-oriented and trustworthy liver cancer treatment option. Cancer treatment cost in India is dependent on the method of treatment. Like chemotherapy and laser treatment will have their own cost depending upon the mechanism, the total time for the procedure to accomplish the results, and the total cost for the medications will be treated additionally. If you are particularly looking for a guide to chemotherapy treatment, the ensuing chunk of information will definitely help you:


  • What is the total time taken by the chemotherapy treatment to yield the results?


The total length of the chemotherapy treatment is subjective to variegated factors:


  • Species of cancer
  • The expansion of cancer
  • Kinds of drugs
  • Expected Toxicities from the drugs
  • Recovery time from these toxicities


  • How is the type and length of the chemotherapy treatment decided?


Almost all the schedules for the chemotherapy treatment is determined by clinical trials. These trials are the most beneficial and endurable.


  • Is chemotherapy treatment performed in cycles?


Yes, chemotherapy treatment is performed in various cycles. It helps the normal cells of the body to rehabilitate from the damage caused by cancer cells. This destruction is done by the cancer cells in the most unshielded times.

  • On what three factors the length of the entire process of chemotherapy is determined?


Length of Chemotherapy treatment is determined based on the ensuing factors:

  • Duration of the cycle
  • Frequency of the cycle
  • Number of cycles


  • How is the duration of the cycle of chemotherapy determined?


Duration of the chemotherapy cycle is dependent on the below-mentioned factors:

  • Whether a single drug is given to the patient or a combination of drugs is given?
  • Are all the drugs given on the same day or consecutive days?
  • Are drugs given as an outpatient or an inpatient?


Depending on the above-mentioned factors, the scenario of the duration of the treatment varies. It can last from a few minutes to a couple of days.


  • How does the frequency of the cycle determine?


Chemotherapy treatment could get repeated:

  • Weekly
  • Bi-weekly
  • Monthly


  • How is the cycle defined?


The cycle is ordinarily defined in the intervals of months. For example, One cycle can be classified into two bi-weekly sessions.


  • How is the number of cycles determined?

Adjuvant chemotherapy is carried out for an absolute period of 4 to 6 months approximately. Once in a while, the number of cycles is decided based on the visibility, response of the disease. Chemotherapy treatment will be terminated if the disease is expanding at a considerable rate.