Cancer vs. the immune system

Cancer vs. the immune system

Cancer vs. the immune system

May 11, 2020


The human immune system helps the body to deal with different health issues. The system is a network of proteins, tissues, cells, and organs that fight against the germs, damaged cells, and viruses. In this guide, we are going to discuss the difference between Cancer Vs the immune system.

Differentiate: Cancer and Immune system

Immune cells are programmed to find and destroy the viruses and germs which affect our health. They can also find against some of the mutated cells which include precancerous or cancer cells. But, some of the cancer cells can work against the immune system:

Cancer cells might find their way to affect the immune cells. It might be possible that it can lead to T-cell exhaustion which affects the immune cells continuously.

Some cancer types like lymphoma or leukemia which starts in the lymph or bone marrow which affect the healthy cells in the body.

When you visit our cancer doctor, he will give you treatment like chemotherapy which kills the immune cells. The treatment focuses on attacking fast-growing cells like cancer cells. With the treatment, the immune system can become weak. In some cases, the patients can be at the risk of getting the infection.

How to fight back with the problem?

With time, it has made it possible to use cutting-edge technology about the immune system. The treatment of immunotherapy includes CAR T-cell and checkpoint inhibitors therapy.

The treatment will work to find and kill the T-cells present in the body. But, there is no study which showed that immunotherapy drugs can activate the T-cells against cancer and the immune system is supported with viruses like the COVID-19.

For cancer patients, it is essential to support the immune system. The patient undergoing the cancer treatment needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle as suggested by the doctor. The patient needs to avoid the use of tobacco products and quit alcohol consumption.

Additionally, the patient should follow a healthy diet and stay active all day long. You should follow the exercise regime as suggested by the doctor which suits your condition the best. Visit the cancer hospital to understand how your immune system can work effectively and what treatment plan you need to get

Talk to the Medical expert

Consulting the doctor is the right way to understand the treatment. Additionally, you should take preventive measures against COVID-19 which includes:

  • For 20 seconds, you should wash your hands and face daily.
  • Stay away from areas that are extra-crowded.
  • You should not share the food with others.
  • Do not touch the eye, mouth, or nose.

If you are following a treatment plan of cancer then talk to the doctor about the COVID-19 situation and how to take care of your health.