Get effective cancer treatment in India from experienced and skilled doctors

Get effective cancer treatment in India

Get effective cancer treatment in India from experienced and skilled doctors

July 24, 2020



Cancer is said to be one of the common conditions among Indians and the sad part is that India comes at the third highest in cancer deaths in the world. In the year 2020, the estimated figure for cancer patients is said to be increased by 25%. These figures are extremely alarming. If you are diagnosed with cancer or your loved ones then visit our cancer hospital in Ludhiana for suitable treatment.

What are cancer and its causes?

  • Every year around 6 lac people face the issue of cancer in India. The most common cancers are lung, oral, and throat cancer while women face breast cancer, cervix cancer, and ovarian cancer the most. Additionally, the prostate, kidney, and colon cancer are one of the common types
  • Around 25percent of cancer include leukemia, bone, and the rest of them are not known yet. The majority of cancer cases in India are that or oral cancers in men which are caused by excessive intake of tobacco and other products.
  • Women face breast cancer, kidney, and uterus which are caused by obesity and genetic issues. Cervical cancer is the result of personal hygiene issues. The major causes of all remain tobacco use, cancer-causing pathogens, and obesity can create problems.

Treatment in India

Every other day, we wake up to the news that someone has caught cancer and also this is the most moving problem all over the world. When a person is diagnosed they have a major issue that is where they need to get the treatment. In that case, India is the best destination because the oncologists are highly skilled and experienced to give a suitable treatment plan.

The primary reason is the cost factor and you can compare the treatment cost. Additionally, globalization getting the latest medication is highly quick in India. India has not only the expert oncologists but it is equipped with the latest equipment and treatment options across various cancer hospitals.

Cancer Treatment Types

The treatment course depends upon the diagnosis of your condition and the cancer stage. The commonly used treatments are surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy. The treatment can include one or a combination of treatments.

The patients can get the non-invasive treatment options which do not result in any side effects and patients do not have to worry about anything.

Cost of Cancer Treatment in India

The cost of cancer treatment depends on the cancer stage, treatment type, and hospital as well. The chemo session includes standard, cytotoxic, radiation therapy, radioimmunotherapy, intraoperative radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. The total cost will depend on the therapy and the total number of cycles. The radiotherapy option is considered as the most expensive because of it being the latest and improved technology.

Consult the doctor

You need to consult the doctor to get a better understanding of what treatment plan you need to have.