Everything you need to know about the cancer treatment consultation

Overview of Oncology Consultation Ludhiana, Punjab

Everything you need to know about the cancer treatment consultation

March 16, 2020



Dr. Amit Kumar Dhiman (Cancer Specialist, Oncology, Deep cancer Institute, Deep Hospital): If your primary health care doctor suspects you have cancer symptoms then you will be referred to the skilled and competent oncology doctor for further diagnosis and treatment plan. You need to choose the doctor who makes it possible to give you the best treatment course by diagnosing your condition properly.

What does the cancer specialist will diagnose?

The cancer specialist will diagnose the following things:

  • Type of cancer

  • How far has the cancer spread?

  • The best possible treatment option

There will be a different team of oncologists who will handle your case properly to give you a reliable treatment course. 

Who needs to get a consultation?

The patients who are suspected to have cancer need to get a consultation. Diagnosing cancer is a strenuous procedure. The oncologist needs to have a proper picture of your condition to give you the correct information. The doctor will diagnose all the symptoms you are having.

What do you need to do before the consultation?

Before the consultation, you should note down all the symptoms you are experiencing like:

  • The first time you noticed the symptoms

  • All the medications you are taking

  • Any other health issues you are experiencing

We all know how hard it is to undergo this journey, but you need to prepare yourself emotionally and psychologically. Additionally, you should get support from your loved ones in this tough time and maintain a positive attitude.

The consultation will help you understand the severity of your condition or whether it is progressing at a fast pace. This way, the doctor can determine the best possible treatment option to improve your health.

What is the working of the procedure?

The consultation starts with reviewing your medical history. Also, the doctor will ask you to get a blood test, CT scan, biopsy, MRI, and other important tests. It is very important to keep an open mind during the consultation and understand everything in a better way. You should understand the treatment you have chosen, why the particular treatment is selected, and what to expect during treatment.

Once the doctor does the diagnosis and all the possible tests which they need to do, he will give you time to ask the questions you have in your mind. The experienced and competent doctor will be very clear about the treatment plan and inform the patients with the right information. Every case is different so you need to understand the treatment can work differently for you.

In some cases, cancer therapy is effective in improving the quality of life and even extending life expectancy.

Understanding possible risks and complications

During the consultation, you just need to provide the information to your oncologist and get the necessary information you need. Your doctor can make you understand which treatment works best for you and what all possible risks and complications you might expect in the procedure.