Why is it important for cancer patients to have counseling for cancer care?

Importance of Counselling in Cancer Care

Why is it important for cancer patients to have counseling for cancer care?

June 15, 2020


Cancer has become one of the common issues experienced by people of different age groups. There are different types of cancer which trigger due to different reasons. Visiting the best cancer hospital in Ludhiana will help you get the best treatment course for your condition. This can make a lot of difference in giving treatment and living life in a better manner.


Counseling helps in preparing the patient

Cancer makes changes to the patient’s life from the time of diagnosis. Different cancer stages come with different side effects and symptoms which are not only physical but also emotional. In that case, counseling helps the patient to deal with the emotional aspect and helps them to prepare for different situations effectively. Here are some of the top benefits of undergoing counseling for cancer patients and caregivers:

  • Manage stress

First of all, counseling helps to manage psychological distress, anxiety, depression, and adjustment issues. By doing so, this makes it easier for patients to have better control over the entire situation.

  • Eliminate negative thoughts

Most importantly, cancer patients often have negative thoughts in their mind regarding the treatment or how things can go wrong. In that case, counseling makes it easier to deal with negative thoughts and people around them will also feel positive.

  • Increased knowledge

Patients want to know more about the situation but they end up getting false information which makes things worse. The counseling will make them understand consulting the doctor about the condition is the best thing you can do.

  • Better control

The patient gets to cope with a cancer diagnosis with adaptive mechanisms. Additionally, they have better control of their mind as well as thoughts.

  • Eliminate myths and misconceptions

Counseling helps to eliminate the myths and misconceptions which often come in the patients and caregiver mind. The counselor gives detailed knowledge of the cancer type and treatment plan. By doing so, the patient and the near ones can have peace of mind.

  • Manage side-effects

Cancer treatment makes it easier to deal with side-effects like pain, vomiting, fatigue, and chemo-induced nausea.

  • Addresses psycho-sexual concerns

Cancer treatment can affect the body which makes the person lose self-confidence and self-esteem. This is where counseling can help to deal with issues of body images, sexuality, and intimacy.

  • Better relation with a health care expert

Patients feel nervous talking about the situation and what all thoughts & doubts they have in their minds. This can help to make the relationship better with health care professionals.

  • Better relation with family and friends

Cancer treatment can make a person feel irritated and stressed. This can affect the relationship with closed ones. The counseling sessions will help to address all the issues of caregivers and patients.

  • Understand the post-treatment concerns

Following the treatment, the patients need to know what all they need to keep in mind. There can be fear of recurrence and existential issues. These sessions will make it easier to deal with all such feelings.