Can cancer be cured permanently? Is it true?


Can cancer be cured permanently? Is it true?

February 8, 2021


When someone in your knowledge is diagnosed with cancer you must give them proper care. Understanding the entire treatment and the type of cancer will improve their condition for the better. Like any other disease, cancer has its language. You must consult the best oncologist to understand in-depth the cancer type. Even if you have thoughts about the Cancer Treatment cost in India you will get proper information about the same.

 Understanding Cancer

Cancer is like the all-catch word which is used to define around 200 types of cancer like breast, skin, colon, eye, kidney, brain, lung, ovaries, bladder, liver, and many more.

WIth cancer, there is an abnormal growth of cancer cells in the body. Moreover, with their occurrence, the growth of healthy cells is impacted in the body. Some of the cancer cells grow slowly and some of them spread to other parts quickly. With each type of cancer the stage, grade, and symptoms are different.

In all, the cancer types are different from each other. It means the phrase one-size-fits-all is not appropriate for this condition. Getting the treatment at an early stage reduces the occurrence of cancer or its effect is minimized. But it is not simple as said.

 Let us understand about: Cure vs. Cured vs. Remission

For the medical condition, the word cure has been in use and it means once the problem is treated it is not going to come back again. But in the cancer world, this term is not used in the same sense.

Depending on your condition the doctor will tell you what are your chances of getting cancer treated or whether there are chances of recurrence. But, the chances of getting it cured are not possible. Well! It is because of the following reasons:

  • Still, research on some type of cancer needs to be done.
  • Some of the cancer types grow, divide, and might form new tumors in some parts of the body.

So, it is very likely that you will get to hear that your cancer is cured. Medical professionals use the term treatment.

Another term which you are going to hear is remission which means the symptoms have gone. But, this stage might not last for the rest of your life.


Cancer cure is not 100% there but certain treatment options can cure your condition. In most cases, the people are treated with cancer and they can live a happy life. Some of the common cancer treatments are mentioned below:

  • Surgery
  • Clinical trials
  • Hormone therapy
  • Radiation
  • Bone marrow transplant
  • Targeted drug therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Palliative care

Treatment plans are tailored depending on what type of cancer you are diagnosed with and determining all the additional factors.