signs and symptoms of oral cancer

What are the common signs and symptoms of oral cancer which patients need to know?

October 29, 2020


Signs and symptoms of Oral cancer

Every year, thousands of people are diagnosed each year with oral cancer. However, few people are aware of the signs and symptoms of oral cancer. They need to take preventive measures so that the patient’s condition gets better. When the condition is diagnosed early, the patient’s condition will improve significantly. Make sure to consult the cancer doctor on time for early detection and get the best treatment plan for your condition. Additionally, cancer treatment cost in India is affordable as compared to other countries. You must keep yourself informed about the signs and symptoms of oral cancer


Mouth sores

Cancer can lead to mouth sores and abnormal growth which is different as compared to common sores which can form around the mouth. Mouth sores because of oral cancer are different as compared to cold sore or canker sore as they will not go away with time.



If the person has a loss of feeling in the mouth, neck, or face area then it indicates that the person has different health issues. Numbness sensation is a common symptom of oral cancer. If you feel persistent tenderness or pain then make sure to consult the cancer doctor on time. The doctor will help you tell what is the reason for this condition.



Bleeding gums are considered a common sign of gum or periodontal disease. If the person has bleeding without any reason then it indicates that the person has a certain type of oral cancer. If the person has excessive bleeding in the gums then make sure to consult the dentist on time and get your condition monitored carefully.


Problem swallowing

Patients with oral cancer face difficulty swallowing the food. Moreover, they experience problems moving their tongue or talking which also indicates the person has a cancer issue. Make sure to consult the doctor on time so that you know which treatment plan is best for you.


Sore throat

If you experience sore throat along with a sudden change in the voice, or persistent hoarseness, then it needs medical intervention. With time, the person can have a sore throat, but if it takes a long time then make sure to consult the medical expert.


White or red patches

Sore and growth are not just the abnormalities that you need to check inside the mouth. Red or white patches can also indicate that you have oral cancer. Your dentist will be able to check the rough or dry areas present inside the mouth, gums, or lips. It is important to get a routine oral examination to check the problem on time.


What to expect from the oral cancer exam?

The oral cancer exam is performed on regular dental check-ups.