Topmost tips to find the best oncologist for cancer treatment and care

Tips to find the oncologist

Topmost tips to find the best oncologist for cancer treatment and care

March 20, 2020



Dr. Amit Kumar Dhiman (Cancer Specialist, Oncology, Deep cancer Institute, Deep Hospital): One of the main concerns for cancer patients is to look for the best and experienced oncology doctor. The patient undergoing cancer treatment need to have a proper understanding of everything. Additionally, they should get the cancer care they need while getting the treatment. 

  • Ask for references

Your primary doctor is the right person to ask for the recommendations. You ask him to give you a list of names in your area. Keep in mind, you need to get every possible detail of the Oncology Specialist by consulting each one of them personally.

Ask your family and friends if they have undergone cancer treatment in the past. This way you will also get to know doctors in a better way as they have personally undergone the treatment from them.

  • Make sure to research

Once you have got a list of few best doctors, you need to research on your own. You need to check the doctor’s credentials and educational qualifications. Also, check if they have undergone any cancer research. You need to make sure to ask every small detail as everything is essential.

  • Check the reviews

In the modern era, every best doctor has their website where patients can look at the doctor’s profile. Most of us also prefer to share our experiences and the way doctors treated us. Look for the patient’s reviews because it will tell you a lot about the doctor and how he treats the patients.

  • Look for the best hospital

Along with finding the best oncologist, you need to find the best hospital with great staff. No doubt, the doctor is giving you the treatment, but the staff is going to take care of you. They are going to fulfill all your needs and if you have any problem they will guide you properly. So, make sure you check the hospital where you will be staying. If you do not feel welcomed then you need to reconsider your choice.

  • Book your consultation

Once you have narrow down the search, you need to take one step further to find the best doctor. Till the time you do not meet the doctor in person never starts the treatment.

You should make a list of all the questions and doubts you have. If by end of the consultation, you have answers to all your problems and you feel comfortable, you have made the right choice.

If any point, you feel the doctor is avoiding any question or not telling you everything then consider it as a red flag.

  • Choose the doctor you will feel comfortable with

If you can communicate with the doctor without any hesitation, then you have found the right one. Having someone who listens to you will make the treatment go smoothly.