Everything you need to know about chemotherapy treatment for cancer

Chemotherapy Treatment for Cancer

Everything you need to know about chemotherapy treatment for cancer

May 29, 2020


Chemotherapy Treatment

Chemotherapy refers to the use of drugs to treat health issues. But, for most of the people chemo is referred to cancer treatment. It is important to keep in mind that drugs and medicines to treat cancer work in a similar manner. Well, many drugs can be used to treat cancer. The traditional or standard chemo can help to treat different cancer types. You should consult the best doctor at the cancer hospital in Ludhiana to get the best treatment course.

During chemo treatment, the drug travels through the body and helps to kill cancer cells that are present all over the body. Well, this treatment is quite different from radiation and surgery. According to your condition, the doctor will tell you which option is best for you.


What does the chemotherapy aim at?

The main goal of chemotherapy treatment includes:

  • Cure

Chemo sessions can be used to cure cancer which means destroy it and it won’t come back. While giving the treatment the doctor won’t use this word. The doctor can describe the treatment as curative treatment. But, this won’t work for every person, sometimes it might take years to see the desired results.

  • Control

If a cure is not possible, then doctors will aim to control cancer. In this case, cancer will shrink to stop it from growing in different parts of the body. This is a great way for the person to feel better and live longer.

  • Palliation

Chemo treatment can be used to make the person feel comfortable or reduce the effect of the symptoms. This is referred to as palliative chemotherapy or palliation. If the cancer is at an advanced stage, it is not easy to control it from spreading. So, this way the treatment can help to improve the quality of life, and a person start feeling better. This way the tumor can shrink and the pain can be managed.


Undergoing chemotherapy session

You need to plan along with your doctor what is the best form of medication which can be used. The doctor will let you know how long you need to take the drugs or medications. The decisions on which treatment you need will be based on what type of cancer you have. The doctor will understand how the overall health of the body will be affected. Different drugs can work in different ways and sometimes you need to get the combination for effective results. The chemo session can help to:

  • Shrink the tumor before surgery or radiation and this is called neoadjuvant therapy.
  • Radiation therapy or surgery can help to kill cancer cells along with chemo. This is known as adjuvant therapy.
  • In some cases, targeted therapy is used to target cancer cells which helps to fight with cancer.